www.tophygetropin.com BTC,USDT-TRC20 and USDT-ERC20 payment QR Code, you could check it ,in your order file. and click your order file email.

Following is my company BTC,USDT-TRC20 and USDT-ERC20 payment QR Code :

Tophygetropin.com BTC USDT QR Code

tophygetropin.com USDT TR20 QR Code
TLMi XQVn Q7BJ Xk5j 6w2A ZC9D bPZW KYSo aS
bc1q p55g husr tl9n cntc cx8s w4c2 6j36 26ex mcru 48
tophygetropin.com USDT ERC20 QR Code
0x 0Ed5 72bb 4371 486e 26e9 95f9 9A6a 9611 49B2 38bA

When the payment has been send :

1. kindly email the transaction details or Bitcoin or USDT transaction ID to us check it.

2.Or photo the transaction details and email tell us.

we will check it, and confirm your order.and email tell you.

When we confirm your order, we will send the product to you in time. and email the track number to you.

If have any question, kindly contact us by order file email. Or contact us by this email : [email protected]