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HGH Product FAQ

Is my order completely private?

Yes, your order is safe, we use a private package, carefully shipped, and the outer layer of the package does not contain any product-specific labels.

Is the product high pruity and best effect?

Yes,We only offer the best effect and high pruity product,all HGH product blood test all meet usage requirements。

How to Storage Of the hgh product ?

Before dilution, keep HGH at 2-8 °C (room temperature) and avoid cold storage. Notice the period of validity printed on the label. After diluted with water:
It must be used within 72 hours. It must be kept at 2-8°C (room temperature) and avoid refrigeration(too low)
If you use sterile water, you should use the vial within 3 days .For bacteriostatic water, you should use the vial within 10 days

How long does it take for your store product to complete delivery after the payment is completed?

We receive your payment, your order product will be send to internationality express company in the first time, delivery time is 10-15 days. Delivery time depends on your region.

Can I completely customize my HGH product Specification and brand?

Yes, you can customize your hgh to your liking. We offer OEM for bulk customize order.

How long dose it take to see results from my hgh injections?

The best time is to take your HGH injection just before bedtime. However that doesn’t mean that the HGH wont work at all if you inject yourself at noon time for example. It stays in the body for a certain length of time, but you will get the best results if you inject yourself just before bedtime.

What is the Refund and Returns Policy?

In commonly all package can 100% delivery to customer address. In case ,the package been seized by custom,then we will resend it until the package delivery.

HGH Product Reviews


4 iu per day of Pure gold hgh makes me the incredible hulk! I’ve never been feeling like this. I am on Pure gold hgh for around 4 months and I am planning to continued pinning it for a long time as long as it would keep working for me the way it does. Since I have started to use it I can feel that I both look and I feel a lot much better than I did without it. I’ve never had so much muscles, so much confidence and so much energy. I feel awesome and those grey days where depression like symptoms appeared completely went away. Truth is that I’ve never been a depressive person without energy, but now I am incredible hulk! I cannot believe the amount of hard work I can do both at my work and in the gym. My wife also cannot believe how much I can keep in bed and now she loves me more than ever.…


Hey there everyone. I’m a 33 years old male living in California. For the last year I have been on Hygetropin, been using 3 iu of it ed and while I’ve always been fit, now I’m looking even better. I was doing sports my entire life, but I’ve never gained so much results in such a short period of time (one year) since I started using it. the results I got are amazing, the cost worth I spent for a year of using Hygetropin is definitely worth it..…


I received the Jintropin product 3 weeks ageo, then I use it in bodybuilding Training ,Unbelievable, my fitness effect is much stronger than before,Nice product,I will keep using it.Thanks Jack.I will buy it again soon…

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About Us Online shop is a global distributor of the finest and legal European and US anabolic steroids. Our supplies are stored in warehouses in Asia and the United States. We have a deep cooperation with pharmaceutical companies. We have obtained corresponding test reports for all products and raw materials from pharmaceutical companies.

In the United States, stringent laws are in place, making it difficult for people to have access to legal anabolic steroids. This leads people to buy low-grade underground lab products that they are not very sure of the quality. Aside from being underdosed or unfiltered, there is a potential that these products are made with materials that can harm the health. This risky behavior often leads to consumption of illegal and health-threatening products.

As a distributor of legal anabolic steroids, we want to make sure that our clients are safe and are consuming only the finest European pharmaceutical grade products. We ship to the United States for everyone who are looking for legal and safe steroids in the USA.

Because our products are legal, we assure you that you will not have to deal with issues like custom seizures. We guarantee that you will receive your orders in 7 to 15 days (7-15 days).

How do you make sure that we sell legal steroids online?

Browse through our websites to check our products, find out more about our offerings, Check the corresponding product description and laboratory test report, we guarantee that all test reports are true and reliable,and learn more about anabolic steroids and its benefits to the body.

Is it safe to buy steroids USA?

We assure our clients that every product we are selling are medical-grade which means these are made with the proper dosage. In strict accordance with GMP production standards, in addition to sufficient dose, ensure the injection and use of the product is safe and reliable, will not cause harm to health.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to drop a message using our chat box on the lower right hand corner of this page. We are available 24/7 and we try our best to respond to inquiries as efficiently as possible.